RPWL is a German progressive rock band. The band was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. The name was taken from the first letters of the original 4 members; Chris Postl, Phil Paul Rissettio, Yogi Lang, and Karlheinz Wallner. After three years they started to make their own music based on their influences from their cover band era. Their debut CD, „God Has Failed” was met with international enthusiasm, praise and excellent reviews in all the major progressive rock music magazines.

2002 brought „Trying To Kiss The Sun” which saw the band developing more their own sound and not relying so heavily on their influences. Their 3rd studio album, „Stock” was released in 2003. It was formed of the tracks that didn’t make it onto the first 2 albums, plus a cover of Syd Barrett’s Opel, which the band used at shows as a soundcheck.

In 2005 they released their 4th studio album „World Through My Eyes”. This was received well by fans and off it their first single was taken- „Roses”. This tune also featured the ex Genesis and Stiltskin lead singer Ray Wilson, on lead vocals. There is no record as to the chart position of the single. The special edition of the album was also mixed by Lang in 5.1 and was released as an SACD hybrid disc.

Later that year, the band released their 1st live album „Live- Start The Fire”, known to fans of the group as just „Start The Fire”. The double disc album contains the whole of the band’s Rockplast concert, again featuring Ray Wilson on lead vocals for Roses and one other track this time, Not About Us. Ray recorded this song with Genesis in 1997 for the Calling all Stations album. This was a way for the band to pay tribute to the other main band that has influenced them greatly apart from Floyd; Genesis.

Although no release was made in 2006 Blind Ego, Karlheinz Wallner’s solo project are due to release their first album „Mirror” in early 2007. Plans have also been made for a live DVD release and a new studio album is on the cards.

RPWL have announced that a new album entitled „9” will be released on 9/9/2007. „9” is a compilation including 5 previously unreleased live songs and 4 brand new solo songs from Yogi Lang, Chris Postl, Manni Müller and Kalle Wallner, recorded together by the band. Those studio-tracks are representing the different influences in the band. „9” will be released in a limited edition of 999 CDs and will only be available from their website.



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