Poland will never be known as a hotbed for progressive rock, with extremely few noteworthy prog bands emerging from the country. However, it’s fairly obvious from their debut album that RIVERSIDE could very well become the first. Formed in 2001 by four Polish musicians from different musical backgrounds (ranging from death metal to prog), RIVERSIDE was created when Grudznik and Kozieradzki met keyboard player Jacek Melnicki, who owned a recording studio in which the band would record their material. After recruiting bassist Mariusz Duda (who they would later discover to be a very talented singer), things clicked and after a couple of gigs in 2002 which were enthusiastically received, they decided it was time to do some recording. After completing most of their debut album in 2003, they released a self-financed demo, which led to interest from record labels. Their debut album „Out Of Myself” wasn’t completed until later due to previous commitments for the band members, but it is now available, and it offers up a remarkable combination of metal, symphonic, and psychedelic prog. One of the best prog albums of the new millennium so far, this is a must-own for any fan of modern prog. It also serves as proof that there is, in fact, some great prog coming out of Poland. RIVERSIDE will undoubtedly go on to become one of the great modern prog bands given time, so watch out for them!

Out Of Myself
(200 ratings)

Second Life Syndrome
(330 ratings)

Rapid Eye Movement
(79 ratings)


Si o excelenta piesa cu cei de la Riverside, intitulata „The Curtain Falls„. Auditie placuta!


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