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Script For A Jester’s Tear

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More than any other progressive rock band, Marillion has been often ridiculed as a derivative of the many bands that came before them, most ballyhooed for being an eighties version of the great early seventies version of Genesis. That said, Marillion, had some similarities towards Genesis, like the lead singer/lyricist Fish, whom could pass for a young Peter Gabriel. But after that very few similarities were between both bands, as Marillion had a more harder edge. Guitarist Steve Rothery had more of a lead presence than Steve Hackett ever was afforded in his tenure with Genesis. Mark Kelly’s ambient keyboarding was more of a cross between Peter Bardens and Rick Wright. Peter Trewavas musically is very similar to Mike Rutherford, as for Pete deploys all the tricks of the trade that Mike used, sans the 12 String guitar. Mick Pointer’s (who has gotten supremely better since then) awful drumming, well umm, was one of the reasons he only lasted one album with the band.

With all of that out of the way, „Script For A Jester’s Tear”, while far from their best, was the first in a trilogy of albums that had lyricist/singer Fish focusing on his main character obsession with self destruction. The subject matters are more descriptive and darker than anything Peter Gabriel has ever written, sadly while being highly original, drawing comparisons to prog’s master of doom, Peter Hammill.

The original version of „Script For A Jester’s Tear” only feature six songs. U.K. singles chart „Garden Party”, but the band’s live show was another thing of legend as the band was carving their niche with then non-album tracks. U.K. single „Market Square Heroes” which has a brief showing as a radio bit before the phenomenal „Forgotten Sons” track, and the great live anthem „Grendel” which has a curious sounding „Apocalypse 9/8” like ending, that ticks off many of Genesis fans.

Although this is not Marillion’s greatest album, due some growing pains, the band triumphs throughout, and along with other acts of the time: Pendragon, Pallas, Twelfth Night and IQ, the new British neo-progressive rock boon has begun, and „Script For A Jester’s Tear” is where Mariillion begins to spawn a legion of imitators and find their own style along the way


Marillion – A Concise History

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Forget what you think you know. Marillion are one of the UK music scene’s best kept secrets; purveyors of soulful, powerful, and often deeply-moving music, who’s blistering live shows leave their audiences breathless. When Fish, Marillion’s original lead singer, left the band in 1988 after four albums he was replaced by the charismatic Steve Hogarth. A former member of The Europeans and some-time collaborator with The The and Julian Cope, Hogarth brought a new heart and energy to the band.

Predictions of doom were swiftly dispelled, as across a further NINE albums, Hogarth – along with existing members Steve Rothery (guitar), Mark Kelly (keyboards), Pete Trewavas (bass), and Ian Mosley (drums) – reinvigorated and constantly redefined Marillion’s sound. They forged into new musical territories with a succession of inventive, emotional albums, displaying little regard to the vagaries of The Musical Fashion Police, or the bandwagoneering of radio playlists.

After the release of 1999’s ‘’ the band banished the spectre of record company pressure once and for all by launching their own record label (the aptly-named Intact imprint) and freeing themselves up to produce some of the finest music of their career.

Thanks to their pioneering embrace of the Internet, Marillion have developed a unique and intimate relationship with their fans. From sponsoring entire tours of the USA to funding the recording of recent albums, Marillion’s global fan-base is unique in its affection and dedication. As a result, such passionate, wholesale support has allowed Marillion to step outside of the music industry and find their own path.

In 2001 ‘Anoraknophobia’ saw Marillion take the groundbreaking step of asking fans to pre-order an album 12 months before release. An amazing 12,000 people signed up, helping to finance the recording. The band once again took pre-orders for the 2004 masterpiece ‘Marbles,’ but this time the money was channelled into a campaign fund to promote its launch. When singles ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself’ and ‘You’re Gone‘ breached the UK top 20 – the latter making it all the way to number 7 – jaws were dropped right across the music world.

Not bad going for a band without major label backing. But it was merely the latest twist in a 23-year-long history of a group who have held on to the conviction that what they’re doing MEANS something real.

In the face of ignorance and apathy, Marillion continue to defy preconceptions and labelling. The band has evolved into a vibrant, musical force, sharing more in common with the likes of experimentalists Radiohead and Muse, and the timeless majesty of The Blue Nile and Talk Talk.

To those who already love Marillion, they’re something special. To everyone else they’re a love affair waiting to happen.

The new album Somewhere Else could well be the one that brings the band the widespread global recognition it has long deserved. Those who’ve heard it think it’s the best Marillion album yet AND it’s their 14th – that’s three more albums than U2, two more than The Beatles, and the same number as The Ramones, a feat rare in the annals of rock. Rarer still that a band should still be bettering itself after nearly a quarter of a century.

The Official Marillion MySpace

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Marillion are used to fighting misconceptions. Marillion are not what you think they are. No, really, they’re not. Just remember that whatever your pre-conceptions are about this band, chances are they are wrong.


Find out for yourself.

Make up your own mind.

Marillion – New Album pre-order

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Album 15 – Now Available to Pre-Order! The new double album is due in 2008, but you can pre-order the Deluxe Campaign Edition now, get your name in the credits, qualify for loads of prizes, and more. Read the full Pre-Order Information page for answers to all your questions – or if you know the score, just pre-order now!

Comunitatea Marillion Romania

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Iata ca exista asa ceva si la noi, o comunitate a iubitorilor de Marillion, vizibila pe net la:

Preiau si eu aici citeva rinduri de pe site-ul, cu toata placerea:

Cei de la Marillion sunt obisnuiti sa lupte impotriva prejudecatilor. Marillion nu este ceea ce pare a fi. Oricare ar fi prejudecatile tale in legatura cu aceasta formatie, sunt sanse ca ele sa fie gresite.

Enjoy Marillion and keep going, RoMarillos…

Marillion pe

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La sugestia prietenului meu, Nicu (Toala), am descoperit pe, pe blogul ziaristului sportiv Cristian Geambasu, o interesanta discutie pe teme de rock progresiv. O excelenta surpriza pentru mine. Pun si eu articolul aici, pe blogul meu. Foarte interesante si comentariile la acest articol.

Marillion. Care Marillion? Ce-i aia? O marcă de biscuiţi, un detergent performant? Nu ştiţi trupa sau nu ştiţi despre care Marillion este vorba în propoziţie? Pentru că, dragii mei, povestea începe în 1979 şi continuă în zilele noastre. Istoricii, fiindcă e nevoie de istorici cînd discuţi despre o formaţie înfiinţată acum 28 de ani, împart cariera Marillion în două ere. Era Fish şi era Hogarth.

Fish, carevasăzică. Ce are, dom’le, peştele cu hard-rockul sau rockul progresiv? Simplu, domnul Derk W. Dick, irlandez prin născare şi purtare, şi-a luat un nume de scenă simplu şi sănătos: Fish. Domnul Fish a susţinut partiturile vocale Marillion pînă în 1988, cînd a decis să meargă pe alt drum. Între timp imprimase un stil trupei, ocupîndu-se şi de versurile melodiilor. Fiindcă erau nişte melodii în adevăratul sens al cuvîntului. Hituri rock susţinute de o trupă solidă, cu o anumită înclinare poetică. Deşi critica de specialitate a descoperit filiaţii cu muzica celor de la Rush, Van der Graaf Generator sau Yes, băieţii de la Marillion sunau al naibii de asemănător cu Genesis în zilele lor comune, la impresia asta contribuind mai ales vocea lui Fish, amestec ciudat de Peter Gabriel şi Phil Collins. Nu atît de subtilă şi surprinzătoare ca a lui Gabriel, nici atît de personală ca a lui Phil.

Anul căderii comunismului est-răsăritean coincide cu revoluţia numită Steve Hogarth. Omul a venit pe post de înlocuitor al lui Fish, fiind obligat să preia nu numai vocalul, ci şi compoziţia&versurile. Personalitate puternică, pătrunsă spiritual de importanţa mesajului pe care muzica îl poate transmite, Hogarth a schimbat aproape totul. Piesele au devenit mai elaborate, mai lungi, dar nu plictisitoare. Rafinat şi exhibiţionist, tradiţionalist, dar în egală măsură reformator, Hogarth a creat alt Marillion. O trupă de rock bunicică, dar cam comercială, s-a transformat în timp record într-o formaţie cu pretenţii, care practică un rock-progresiv de cea mai bună calitate. O muzică distilată, de atmosferă. Alături de Hogarth lucrează cu pricepere Steve Rothery, un chitarist cum nu se găseşte pe toate drumurile, nici măcar pe cele ale Angliei, Pete Trewavas, basistul fără vîrstă şi fără inhibiţii, clăparul Mark Kelly, discret, sensibil, şi toboşarul Ian Mosley, un munte de calm din al cărui vîrf poate curge lavă atunci cînd pieasa o cere.

Brave şi Afraid of Sunlight, Anoraknophobia şi Marbles, plus Somewhere Else, disc 2007, sînt dovezi ale faptului că se mai poate face muzică de calitate. Cu condiţia să te pricepi. Să rezişti tentaţiilor, adică să nu te prostituezi. Deviza lor pare a fi “Fără compromisuri!” Arta de plăcerea artei îşi cere însă tributul. De aceea, Steve Hogarth şi compania au brevetat o metodă simplă prin care îşi pot finanţa creaţiile în fază de proiect. Fanii susţin viitorul album prin precomenzi, iar formaţia are la dispoziţie banii necesari producerii acestuia. Experimentul s-a dovedit o reuşită şi chiar dacă Marillion nu vor cîştiga niciodată nici măcar a zecea parte din cît cîştigă Rolling Stones, să zicem, scopul a fost atins. Bucuria de a transmite bucurie face uneori cît toate cecurile din lume. Ascultaţi-l şi priviţi-l pe Hogarth cîntînd Easter sau Run away, apoi veţi înţelege!

ASCULTĂ AICI Marillion – Easter

Articol aparut in in, pe blogul jurnalistului sportiv Crisian Geambasu, la:

Somewhere Else

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Si o mostra live cu Marillion, „Somewhere Else”, din 2007.